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See Burt Consultancy contact details below. Please provide as much information about your asset as possible without a confidentiality agreement in place. Such information should include any developmental goals and priority challenges you face, so we can begin to mobilize the relevant subject-matter experts. In addition, please share your preferred version of a confidentiality agreement so our legal team can start processing it. If you prefer we send you our standard agreement please state so.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Burt Consultancy, LLC. is a service provider with access to highly-specialized subject-matter experts. These experts have extensive experience in all phases of clinical development, a range of therapeutic areas, drug targets, and drug classes. In addition, expertise in regulatory topics, study design, statistics, imaging, biomarkers, and clinical pharmacology, can be mobilized at short notice. Our priority is to tailor this cutting-edge expertise to your asset's developmental needs. Finally, we ensure your asset forms the core of, and guides the developmental strategy, rather than trying to fit it into pre-existing disciplinary routines and procedures. Capitalize on our extensive collective experience, and our cutting-edge approach. An approach that addresses the challenges of an increasingly complex and professionally fragmented modern drug development environment.

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